1. Tell about your pain
One of the most important steps in dealing with betrayal recovery is to tell the offender about your pain and feelings. Explain to them that they have hurt you and you are going through tough times at the moment. By all means, try to keep yourself well in hand and avoid scandals, because it may worsen your emotional state. You will let them know that you cannot trust them again. They should become aware of the actions they have done and feel the responsibility for this difficult situation.

2. Accept your emotions
Unfortunately, different kinds of betrayal can force you to experience a wide range of negative emotions. These are confusion, anger, sadness and others. You shouldn’t reject these emotions. It’s desirable to accept things you are suffering from, no matter how difficult it can be. Don’t conceal your grief, because it’s normal to face negative emotions. If you know what you feel, you have more chances to rethink and let your problems go away.

3. Take it easy
Don’t cry and don’t avoid communication with others. It’s desirable to give yourself some period of time to grieve before pushing yourself to move on. It will clear your mind and help you let your emotions go away. It is easier to take right decisions, when you are calm and reasonable. Moreover, you need time to comprehend the conflict and realize what to do next.

4. Boost your self-confidence
Self-confidence is one of the most significant things that help you hold out against the betrayal. Build a good self-esteem reminding yourself that you’re a wonderful person. Focus on your positive qualities and achievements and don’t let such challenge as betrayal spoil your beautiful life. Self-confident people are well resistant to problems, because they believe in themselves and their abilities. Consequently they have more opportunities to overcome difficulties since they don’t depend on others. Plus, self-confidence will help you kill negative thoughts.

5. Do things you enjoy
You should try to replace your grief with positive emotions. Create a positive atmosphere around yourself in order to get rid of the constant reminders of negativity. Watch a funny comedy or take a trip with your best friends. It will draw you away from annoying negative thoughts and inspire you to do things that fill your life with new adventures and happiness. It’s better to develop an optimistic vision of the world. Those people who do things they enjoy can easily turn their attention to new and positive moments.